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Pearl Island Paddle is owned and operated by Michelle Kane. Michelle started in the paddle sports industry in 1996 in Key West, Florida. She is a Licensed and Insured Paddleboard Instructor.

She holds Certifications for:

  • Water Safety (SUP education) through World Paddle Association.

  • Captains License (20 MTS).

  • She has attended numerous first responder and CPR classes.

  • Licensed Massage Therapist

Michelle has been learning the water around Contadora and nearby Islands for the last 4 years, which makes her local knowledge of currents and tides extremely valuable to the novice or those just visiting the island. The importance of safety is her priority at Pearl Island Paddle. All customers will at all times be observed and supervised by trained staff to insure an enjoyable and safe adventure and experience on the waters of Pacific Ocean in the Las Perlas Archipelago, Pearl Islands, Panama.


Why Pearl Island Paddle ?


Michelle has taught the 5 year old, the 75 year old, and all ages in between.

Lessons are based on an hour and a half time frame. Learning how to prepare with the proper equipment, sized to your needs, is a cruial ingredient to a safe and enjoyable paddle.

During your tour, Michelle will spend some time going over safety components, handling of the boards, proper paddling techniques, strokes, the currents, and the direction and strenght of the tide.


1 person 1.5 hour $75.00
2 people 1.5 hour $120.00


Tours can be designed according to the skill level of paddler/s.  We want all to experience the joys of the breath-taking surroundings while paddling the open water. One can have the experience of a lifetime within moments of leaving the beach as a beautiful turtle appears, or paddle around the Island and be open the endless posibilities. The opportunity to paddle next to huge schools of fish and watch the dophin play are a reality at Pearl Island Paddle. The birds of the Pacific are another magnifacant sight. We will paddle along the Island's dymanic lava rock cliffs. Excursions to other Islands are also availble--we can make it happen.

Morning and Afternoon Paddle Tours Daily 

More info found under Scheduling & Booking!



Private Tours $50.00 per hour
Group Tours $40.00 each 
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